Church Of Saint Polycarp

Church Of Saint Polycarp

Church Of Saint Polycarp

Saint Polycarp Church in Izmir is a visual feast with grape ruby, indigo blue, ecru, red tones, golden yellow and many more colors in its pans. It is one of the oldest churches in the city. It is noted for its architectural and artistic insight with striking detail. They say don't leave without seeing's one of them. The Catholic Church in the district of Konak is named after Saint Polycarb, who is recorded as having lived during the early periods of the Christian religion. It was made in the century by the request of the King of France and the approval of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman The Magnificent. The following centuries, it also saw repairs funded by the Kings of France. Devastated in a fire in 1922, the church was rebuilt 7 years later and is today open to visit and worship. The interior of the church has a colourful and flashy atmosphere. You see bright and luminousness details inside. An intense artistic energy prevails, complete with chandeliers, paintings, sculptures and frescoes. Especially the fresco on the ceiling is quite interesting. The church is generally of aesthetic value. If you want to visit the church, you'll have to ring the doorbell. Women are expected to be covered. After a series of routine checks by the officers, you can begin your trip. Hisar Mosque and Kemeraltı Bazaar are among the recommended places to visit nearby. Let us also mention that there are many restaurants in the vicinity of Saint Polycarp Church. There are pastry shops, meat restaurants and soup kitchens.

Church Of Saint PolycarpChurch Of Saint PolycarpChurch Of Saint Polycarp


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