Forbes Pavilion

Forbes Pavilion

Forbes Pavilion

Forbes mansion is one of the most prominent historical values in Buca district of Izmir, where Christian merchants living in port cities in the Ottoman Empire were accommodated during the summer months. The mansion, where the Forbes family, one of the city's leading merchants, was able to stay for a short time, is a legacy that has been carried from the turbulent years of history to the present day, although it is still dormant. It's a short-lived mansion. It was completed in 1908 but was wrecked by a fire disaster a year later and was built again in 1910. After the family left Izmir, the Whitall family resided here for a period. This well-established family can also be remembered from the Edward Whittall Garden in the greens in Bornova. Today, the structure that remains in the garden of Buca Seyfi Demirsoy State Hospital is not used. You can only see it from the outside. Among the stately mansions in Buca, It exhibits an interesting identity, with its corner leading to the perception of the tower and its different type of roof extending upwards in addition to the double. Yellow doors and windows stand out. Outside, the remains of the winter garden can also be seen. It is known that the structure, which is understood to avoid any expense in the use of stone and wood, prioritizes its strength with its strong building system in accordance with this special texture of Izmir, which is the earthquake zone. In the end, this historical mansion is visible from the outside as an aesthetic value today.

Forbes PavilionForbes PavilionForbes PavilionForbes Pavilion


  • melekbakan
    09.06.2022 08:32

    Instagramcı tayfa koşun fotoğraf çekinmeye yer buldum 😄😄😄

  • rumeysacakmakk
    22.08.2022 06:57

    Buca'da yaşamakta olan Levanten Forbes Ailesi tarafından 1908 yılında yaptırılmış bu köşk. Köşk yapımından bir yıl sonra, 1909'da tümüyle yanmış ve yangından hemen sonraki yıl, yani 1910'da yeniden yapılmış.

  • vlknckcc
    02.12.2022 08:19

    Efsane mimarisi var, zamanın en göz alıcı köşküymüş. Şimdi boş olarak duruyor. Bahçesine ücretsiz girip binayı dışarıdan görebiliyorsunuz..

  • catal4
    08.07.2022 14:36

    eski çınar

  • catal4
    08.07.2022 14:37

    Kozağaç Mah., 35678 Buca/İzmir

  • aslidemirr
    21.09.2022 12:40

    Muhteşem güzellikte bir köşk. İnsan pencereye bakıp bir zamanlar birilerinin buradan etraftı seyrettiğini düşünmeden edemiyor. Her yanıyla çok hoş.

  • ephesus
    14.07.2022 19:35

    Muhtesem bir yapı


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