Çandarlı Castle

Çandarlı Castle

Çandarlı Castle

Çandarlı Castle is commemorated along with Amazonian women throughout history. Because the region is known to have been dominated by these warrior women throughout history. Çandırlı is an important town in Dikili district of Izmir. Çandarlı Castle, which is located within the borders of the town, is among the most symbolic structures of this place. This important castle, which has managed to maintain its original structure considerably until today, was built in order to protect the area against external attacks at that time. In those years, possible threats usually come from the sea. There is no clear date of establishment of Çandarlı Castle; however, its construction is estimated to correspond to the 6th century BC. Çandarlı Castle has suffered serious damage from time to time throughout history. However, it is repaired and renewed at regular intervals. In its current state, there are very serious contributions of the Genoese. The castle's embrace of direct sea views makes this place much more attractive to visitors. The castle has a rectangular plan. The castle, which attracts attention with its five towers and loophole structures, makes the beholders admire itself. It is known that Çandarlı Castle played an important role in the Pitane site when it was first built. Çandarlı Castle, which has a deterrent feature for the enemies due to its location, draws attention to the stones left over from the ancient period. Some of these stones are brought by Foça and carried to slaves. It is said that the slave who carries the most stones will be freed. This promise allows the castle stones to be completed very quickly. After the acquisition of pitane, the Turks began to call this settlement Hisar Çandarlı Castle today has five towers, Gates, walls and battlements. Y

Çandarlı CastleÇandarlı CastleÇandarlı Castle


  • vlknckcc
    02.12.2022 08:14

    İzmir dikili 'ye bağlı olan çandarlı mahallesinde yer almaktadır.

  • melisacubuk
    25.07.2022 07:42

    Pazartesi ve Salı günleri kapalı diğer günler 17.00 a kadar açıkmış


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