Asklepion Temple

Asklepion Temple

Asklepion Temple

Asklepion Temple is located in Bergama district of Izmir. The name of the temple comes from Asclepios, the God of Health. Asklepion was considered one of the most important health centers of the ancient period. Pergamon, to which it was incorporated, was also the capital of the Kingdom of Pergamon at that time. Excavations at the site began in the 1870s and still continue actively today. This is an important area where many diagnosis and treatment methods have been realized, which has managed to make very important contributions to the field of Medicine. The entrance part of the Pergamon Asklepion Temple is known as Propylon. Apart from the courtyard, which has galleries, the 3500-seat theatre, library and cult hall, the most important point of the region is of course the Temple of Asklepion. In this flat area, built into a valley on the slope of Geyikli Mountain, medicinal waters with radioactive properties are discovered a little later. The temple of Asklepion was built in the 4th century BC. On the south side of the area, there are sleeping rooms, apart from three separate temples that remain from the Hellenistic Age. The temple of Asklepion was seen as a very important place until the Christian period and is carefully preserved. There is an underground tunnel to protect patients from cold or heat. Monday and Saturday Asklepion Temple can be visited between 08.00 and 19.00 hours. In this special area, including Asklepion Temple, very important historical remains have been found. The area, a type of open-air museum, is located in the Zafer quarter in Pergamon County. You can easily reach the area by following the signs with your private car. Visiting the temple of Asklepion is charged. You can review the current fees requested for entry via the official site. The region is open until 17.30 in the winter period, while it can remain open until 19.00 in the summer period. It can be entered up to two times during the year with Müzekart.

Asklepion TempleAsklepion TempleAsklepion Temple


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