Lovers Falls

Lovers Falls

Lovers Falls

Izmir is a great metropolis that offers not only cultural and historical but also social places to its visitors. A suitable area for many activities, The Lovers waterfall is among the jokers of the city in this sense. In some sources, the falls of lovers also pass as the falls of Nebiler. The region, which is known only by a certain mass because it has not been fully promoted until now, but is expected to become popular in the near future thanks to its potential, is located in the village called Nebiler in Dikili district. Located in the middle of a green atmosphere in general, the waterfall has managed to become one of the favorite places of nature lovers. Just around the waterfall, there are small caves, walking paths and sycamore trees. A restaurant with a great view stands out at the top of the waterfall. Those who cross long roads to the area generally prefer to relax in this restaurant in the first place. To descend from the top of the restaurant to the waterfall, you must use the wooden stairs with 86 steps. A small pond is formed in the exact area where the water of the waterfall is poured. Water turtles and freshwater fish attract attention around this small pond. Just across the pond is a converted cafe from the bungalow house. Here you can sip your coffee and listen to the peaceful sound of the waterfall. You can find yourself in weeping cave when you follow the hiking area around the waterfall. The water that is the source of the waterfall flows violently through a very long path. It would be more accurate to move forward in non-slippery slippers in order not to be exposed to various dangers. The area where lovers Falls is located currently passes as a private property. Therefore, you must pay a small fee upon arrival. This fee is only for entries by car. The name of Aşıklar waterfall is attributed to the story of Yörük Ali and Sümeyra.

Lovers FallsLovers Falls


  • melekbakan
    09.06.2022 08:30

    Arkadaşlar burası Ayvalık'a yakın mı? Gidenler çok yakın dedi. Bir de şelalenin dibindeki Türk kahvesi çok güzelmiş. Doğruysa içelim yoksa turist ayağına giydirmesinler 😀😀😀

  • unaloykuus
    25.05.2023 07:46

    Aşk yaşayanlar şelalesi

  • melisacubuk
    10.08.2022 07:26

    Harika doğal parkuru bozulmamış yürürken hiç heyecan yapmıyorsunuz. Sürekli daha yukarılara çıkmak istiyorsunuz keyifle yürüyüp keşfedeceğinize eminimm…


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