Alaçatı, the holiday destination of Izmir, which has started to shine in a flash recently, is increasing its popularity. The holiday resort, which has a great intensity in the summer months, is now in the eye of the city. Alaçatı, which is in the district of Çeşme, has been overshadowed by Çeşme and other summer regions for many years. Alaçatı, which started to be discovered in a moment, shows a great development. The popular resort town of Çeşme, which is seven kms away from the center, is very close to Ilıca. There are three separate villages within Alaçatı. It has many features that make Alaçatı so popular. When Alaçatı is called, its houses and charming streets have their own unique architecture. On the other hand, the area is in the foreground with windsurfing. This place is considered to be one of the best known surf centers in the world. Many amateur and professional surfers are involved in the competitions here. There are also around ten surf schools in Alaçatı. Because of the presence of international tournaments, surfing provides a serious tourism income for Alaçatı. Eleven months of the year, the wind shows the presence of a level suitable for surfing. Reflecting the typical characteristics of the Mediterranean climate, Alaçatı houses the only gum tree garden in our country. The population difference in summer and winter months is around 40-50 thousand. Alaçatı, whose stone houses are the subject of postcards, becomes the center of attention of photography enthusiasts. You must keep your camera close to you while you are wandering the streets of Alaçatı. Blue painted stone houses, boutique hotels, gift shops, windmills and wonderful beaches make Alaçatı privileged. It is known that the Greeks lived here for a long time. The Greeks, who rent the fertile land here, ensure the development of viticulture. The Greeks called it "Alatzada" in those years. After the Balkan War, a significant majority had to emigrate.



  • QacqDjmM
    03.03.2023 09:45

    Adnan Menderes Havalimanı Dan alçatıya nasıl gide bilirim

  • Çomolokko Çomolokko
    19.08.2021 16:42

    mekanlar, gezi ve yüzme rotalarıda içersw daha güzel olur, genel bilgi olmuş

  • melisacubuk
    10.08.2022 07:30

    Ahh bu sene gidemesemde seneye yine beraberizzzz.😉😂😁


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