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Yıldız Malta Pavilion

Yıldız Malta Pavilion

Malta Pavilion which was built by Sultan Abdülaziz in 1871 in the area that forms the backyard of Çırağan Palace, is located on the left side of Yıldız Park in Beşiktaş district of Istanbul. Especially the area on the seaside of the Pavilion that is intertwined with nature has been called ‘Yıldız Park’. The pavilion served many different purposes, from the bakery to the museum.

Malta Pavilion, which has been the scene of important events in history, was built with two floors from the basement with three sections. Although the story of its name is not known exactly, it is thought that it may have received this name because it was built with stones brought from Malta.

The pavilion, which is one of the later added parts of the Yıldız Palace and can be examined together with many structures in a wide area, is remarkable for its elegant decorations and gold leaf mirror. Additionally, the intensity of the use of marble fish pattern will also catch your eyes.

You can have a pleasant breakfast with your family or friends watching the magnificent view of the Bosphorus at the Malta Pavilion in Yıldız Park which is one of the first places that comes to mind especially in sunny weather.

Yıldız Malta PavilionYıldız Malta PavilionYıldız Malta PavilionYıldız Malta Pavilion


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