Yeşildirek Turkish Bath

Yeşildirek Turkish Bath

Yeşildirek Turkish Bath

Yesildirek Turkish Bath, also known as’ Yeşildirek Healing Bath', is located next to Haliç Metro Station in Beyoğlu district of Istanbul.

It is known that almost every Sultan built a Turkish Bathhouse centuries ago. The most important Turkish baths in the Ottoman period are the works of architect Sinan, whose works are still admired even today. One of them is Yeşildirek Turkish Bath and it is one of the most popular Turkish Baths with its central location.

It is believed that Ibrahim, the son of Sokullu Mehmet Pasha, built this bath, which is still in service with its men's section. Notably, it remains it's traditional to modern architecture, which has undergone some variations at different times.

The Turkish Bath, whose entrance gate overlooks the Golden Horn, is one of the most visited historical Turkish Baths in Istanbul. Yeşildirek Turkish Bath, as if coming out of the history pages, can be a good alternative for hygiene and relaxing your body.

Beyoğlu, a center of attraction in Istanbul the roots of which date back to the ages, is one of the important attraction points of foreign and domestic tourists in İstanbul. In the area, which reflects the Cosmopolitan concept of the city, you can also see and visit many structures dating back to the 1800s. 

Yeşildirek Turkish BathYeşildirek Turkish BathYeşildirek Turkish Bath


  • mike
    16.05.2023 03:41

    are there many foreign tourist visiting this bath? When is it most crowded? How much it costs? Please write in english

  • ftherdincc
    13.01.2023 07:52

    Temiz ve güvenilir çalışanlar dost canlısı ve yardım severler.

  • beraattglr
    13.01.2023 13:17

    Tarihi hamam gayet iyi planlanmış, eski zamanı yaşayabilirsiniz


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