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Tezkereci Osman Efendi Mosque

Tezkereci Osman Efendi Mosque

Tezkereci Osman Efendi Mosque was built in 1740 by Tezkereci Osman Efendi in Kuruçeşme District of Istanbul. It is also known as ’Kuruçeşme mosque'.

There is no information about who the architect of the mosque was. It is an authentic place of worship walls of which are built with bricks and the roof is covered with red tiles. A door located on the left side of the mosque enters to the narthex section. The wooden stairs to the right of this door that is the entrance to the narthex also direct you to the women's mahfil which is a place reserved for women in the mosque to pray.

The pulpit, where the imam recites the sermon, and the preaching podium are noted for their woodwork. Standing quite modest among the luxurious structures around it, the mosque is a very suitable place to take a breath, albeit with the intense flow of life.

Another aspect of the mosque is undoubtedly its contribution to the name of the district in which it is located...There is a ‘Hamidiye Fountain’ on the western side, but later it was called ‘Kuruçeşme’. This fountain then inspired the name of the district where it is located.

Tezkereci Osman Efendi MosqueTezkereci Osman Efendi MosqueTezkereci Osman Efendi Mosque



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