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Takkeci İbrahim Ağa Mosque

Takkeci İbrahim Ağa Mosque

Takkeci İbrahim Ağa mosque is located in Zeytinburnu, one of the Cosmopolitan districts of Istanbul. It is located on the alignment of the Adnan Menderes mausoleum a few kilometers away. It is also located in the direction of Cevizlibağ, near the E5 Highway.

It has been shown as one of the rare samples retaining its authenticity among the wooden mosques. It is a wooden structure, including the section between the courtyard and the narthex and the roof. It has a rectangular shape. The aspect that distinguishes it from the others is that it has retained its authenticity. Because it did not encounter any fire disaster like other wooden mosques, nor was it restored with different parts because it was destroyed. According to most experts, it is a beautiful mosque ‘like a painting’.

It was built in 1592 by a man named Ibrahim, who got wealth by making long felt cones worn by the dervishes. It's about the modest cost of being made of wood. After all, it can be interpreted as a donation by Takkeci Ibrahim.

In the corner of the mosque, which has stone walls with bars around it, there is a remnant of a fountain that seems it was elegant before, although could not have been protected well until today. The interior of the mosque with a single minaret features a wooden balcony floor, arabesque decorations, a dark green, and an altar with old windows. Takkeci İbrahim Ağa Mosque, which also attracts attention with its tiles, is one of the Ottoman Empire values that could survive even centuries later in a modern area where commercial life is intense in the heart of the city. Today, the mosque is open to worship and visitors.

Takkeci İbrahim Ağa MosqueTakkeci İbrahim Ağa MosqueTakkeci İbrahim Ağa MosqueTakkeci İbrahim Ağa Mosque



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