Şeyh Muhammed Zafir Shrine

Şeyh Muhammed Zafir Shrine

Şeyh Muhammed Zafir Shrine

In Europe, especially in the 18th century, the effects of intense architectural, socio-economic, and cultural changes were felt in the Ottoman Empire, especially in the last 200 years. From military developments to clothing, the most intense influence was experienced undoubtedly in the 19th century. Within this context, Istanbul, the capital, experienced a significant increase in structures that can be associated with European architectural understanding. Even the Ottoman chief architect of the Palace was Raimondo D'aronco during the reign of Sultan Abdülhamid II.

One of the works of the Italian architect is the mausoleum built in Beşiktaş for Şeyh Muhammed Zafir, who was admired by the Sultan for his loyalty. The shrine of Şeyh Muhammed Zafir, which can also be interpreted as a kind of integration of the European architectural style with the Ottoman Empire. In the view of the authorities, this shrine was the peak in this sense and was completed in 1904.

It is known that after the death of Şeyh Muhammed Zafir in 1903, he was first buried in the burial area of Ertuğrul Lodge, which functions as a mosque today, and a year later he was transferred to a shrine built in his name. Numerous sketches have survived to this day regarding the construction of the shrine, indicating that the Italian architect has made intensive efforts to commemorate it as a ‘small but important work’.

In general, it is one of the most beautiful mausoleum structures in Istanbul. The shrine of Şeyh Muhammed Zafir, with a square plan of 8 and a half meters on each side, is one of the most important examples of the architectural movement called Art Nouveau Secession in Literature. It is notable for its Baroque-looking sliced Dome. Among the other highlights, there are windows, herbal motifs, vivid colors in the interior, similar to those of buildings in Austria. In front of the shrine there is a two-faced fountain.

Şeyh Muhammed Zafir ShrineŞeyh Muhammed Zafir ShrineŞeyh Muhammed Zafir ShrineŞeyh Muhammed Zafir Shrine


  • muratball
    17.11.2022 07:27

    Ertuğrul Cami'sinin hemen altında yer alan türbe 1903 yılında yaptırılmış.


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