Pandeli Restaurant

Pandeli Restaurant

Pandeli Restaurant

In the district of Fatih, the rooms with domes on the entrance gate of the historical Egyptian Spice Bazaar located near the shore of Haliç, host one of the most prominent gastronomical spots in İstanbul. The Pandeli Restaurant here is a hotspot that serves flavors from both Western and Turkish cuisines that surprises appetites.

 The restaurant is open from 11:00-18:30 on every day of the week and it serves its guests a quite extensive menu ranging from the soup of the day and dish in addition to cold appetizers like roasted eggplant salad or celery roots with quince and olive oil; warm appetizers like eggplant pastry or anchovy patties; main dishes like spicy chicken cutlet, döner kebab, traditional sultan’s delight, which is a dish with lamb stew served on mashed eggplant; salads; garnishes and desserts.

Pandeli, is a Greek who came to İstanbul from Niğde when he was young. He starts by selling haricot bean salad on a street cart and then moves on to working as a meatball vendor in a small booth. In 1926, he opens a three storey restaurant in Eminönü. It is known that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk used to give special orders to Pandeli to be brought to Ankara by train for his guests. Ultimately, he opens the Pandeli Restaurant at the entrance of the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. After his passing away in 1967, this unique flavor spot remains alive up to today thanks to Pandeli’s son and a friend. The restaurant famous with its interior environment and atmosphere is not only worth reading about or passing by, but it’s worth seeing as well.

Pandeli RestaurantPandeli RestaurantPandeli RestaurantPandeli Restaurant


  • mustafaalii
    23.12.2022 07:17

    Levrek denemek için gitmek istiyorum…

  • ezgicam
    06.07.2022 12:18

    Kağıtta levreği öneririm lezzeti efsoo mezelerde bir harikaa :)


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