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Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower

The history of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul goes back to the 5th century BC. With the first settlements on the shores of Üsküdar and Kadıköy, the symbol structures of the historical area open the doors to different experiences today. The Maiden's Tower standing on its island on Üsküdar offshore is the leading structure with this feature. This destination is also important as being the only structure in the district remaining from the Byzantine period.

The Maiden's Tower derives its name from a tragic legend. Accordingly, an oracle tells that the young princess will die of snakebite. Then, the princess shelters in a high tower in the middle of the sea, which the snakes cannot reach. One day, she is killed by a snake coming out of the basket full of figs taken to her because she cannot escape from her fate.

This tower was constructed in the 18th century, during the Ottoman Empire reign, on the small castle's remainings built by Byzantine Emperor Kommenos I, and it was used for various purposes for a long time. After serving as a lighthouse for a few centuries and a checkpoint where the ships paid the pass fee, the tower has become a destination functioning for touristic purposes.

The Maiden's Tower is accessible with boats leaving from Salacak and Kabataş between certain hours. In addition to its museum section, it is a popular restaurant and night club open all day long.

Maiden’s TowerMaiden’s TowerMaiden’s TowerMaiden’s Tower


  • gamze41
    27.09.2022 10:26

    Karşısında oturup o manzarayı izlemek çok güzel içini görmek nasip olmadı

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  • Samet Özdemir
    23.11.2021 12:09

    İstanbul’un en gözde yeri desek eksik olmaz. ☺️

  • huseyinatess
    02.08.2022 10:52

    Şu anda tadilatda en yakın zamanda gideceğim ama.

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  • ahmetyaylacii
    25.08.2022 06:57

    Tadilat hala bitmedimi ?


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