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Kasım Çavuş Mosque

Kasım Çavuş Mosque

Kasım Çavuş Mosque, an Ottoman work, is located in Eyüp district of Istanbul.

The courtyard of Kasım Çavuş Mosque is covered with trees. An entrance to the shadowy courtyard is through an iron door between the stone walls. Then you have to go down the stairs. The mosque, which has gained a modern form with the restorations it has seen in recent years, resembles a new mosque with its bricks, flooring, and general features. Its minaret, which shows itself even after centuries, has not lost its originality.

Kasım Çavuş Mosque, also known as the Old-New Mosque, has a square plan. It is a short, single minaret and a relatively small mosque. The last congregation place between the mosque and the courtyard is covered with eaves carried by marble columns. There is no inscription indicating the date of construction anywhere in the sanctuary. However, there is a small inscription on the mosque about the 1863 restoration built by Fuat Pasha, the grand vizier of the period. However, the simple and less ornamented building is still a district mosque open to worship today.

Kasım Çavuş MosqueKasım Çavuş MosqueKasım Çavuş MosqueKasım Çavuş Mosque



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