The Fountain in Istinye Pier

The Fountain in Istinye Pier

The Fountain in Istinye Pier

The Fountain in Istinye Pier is located in Istanbul, north of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, near Yenikoy Tarabya Street in Istinye district on the Bosphorus shore of Sariyer district.

The fountains, whose stones are separated from each other by numbering, can be moved and rebuilt elsewhere. The Fountain in Istinye Pier, located on the wall of the cemetery facing the street, was removed from its place within the scope of street and road works as in more than 1000 Ottoman artifacts in the city at the end of the 1950s. However, it is obvious that the fountain, which is in very good condition, was carried and assembled very well.

It was built in 1908. Since this fountain has no inscription, it is not known by whom it was built. The top of the marble fountain is covered with carved eaves. The fountain, which also has a small dome at the top of it, adds elegance to its elegance thanks to its fine marble column on its both sides. The borders connecting the eaves of the arch on the columns stand out artistically and the motifs on the ornamental slabs of the fountain are among its striking parts.

In the inscription on it, it is written in the fountain where the 21st verse of Surah Al-Insan (The Human) is included in the Qur'an with a very elegant clear thuluth, "Va sakeahum raabbuhum shaareaban taahoorea (1326)". Its meaning is ''and their Lord shall make them drink a pure drink.''

The Fountain in Istinye PierThe Fountain in Istinye PierThe Fountain in Istinye Pier


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    30.09.2022 08:16

    Çeşme iskelenin hemen yanında güzel korunmuş ve estetik çok güzel suyu da akıyor.


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