Heybeliada Sanatorium

Heybeliada Sanatorium

Heybeliada Sanatorium

Tuberculosis is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying diseases of the Republic period. At that time, various sanatoriums were opened in suitable places in terms of climate. In fact, the first serious attempts related to the sanatorium were made in 1907 by the Second World War. It takes place during the reign of Abdulhamid. Due to various reasons, these attempts cannot be concluded in any way. The first sanatorium opens in Istanbul Heybeliada. The sanatorium, which was established in the area surrounding Çamlimanı, was known as the "Ministry of Health and Social Aid" at that time. The opening of Heybeliada Sanatorium, which was built on a steep slope, is recorded as 1 November 1924. Heybeliada is known to be the most ideal place for tuberculosis patients. Even famous travelers often mention the difference in the climate of this region in their works.

Heybeliada Sanatorium started accepting patients for the first time in 1924. At that time, there were wards with eight beds each reserved for men and women. It is reserved for the residence of civil servants and physicians working downstairs. This place is also used as the administration building. As time passes, the boundaries of the sanatorium are expanded. In this way, a much more comprehensive service is provided here. In 1939, the number of beds approaches 400. With the inclusion of new pavilions around Değirmentepe in 1945, the number of beds reached even higher figures. At that time, a new dental unit is also put into use.

In addition to all this formation, a new rehabilitation center is added in 1954. In the same year, the nursing school begins to operate. Masters provide various vocational training in rehabilitation centers. This helps patients gain morale and motivation. Concert and cinema events are organized once a week. Heybeliada Sanatorium also puts its signature under the first chest hospital with the developments in 1974. Despite all this momentum, Heybeliada Sanatorium, Turkey's first tuberculosis hospital, is left to rot. The 1999 Istanbul earthquake was effective in this regression.

Heybeliada SanatoriumHeybeliada SanatoriumHeybeliada Sanatorium


  • cemmelih
    28.09.2022 07:11

    Feridun Düzağaç'ın son çıkış şarkısına (Sanatoryum) ilham olmuş mekan. Bir an önce restore edilmesi ve hastane olarak hizmete açılması uygun olacaktır. Bu arada şarkı ve klibi de etkileyici olmuş.


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