Halil Ethem Bey Mansion

Halil Ethem Bey Mansion

Halil Ethem Bey Mansion

Located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, on Çubuklu Street, Halil Ethem Bey Mansion is known as one of the silhouettes that make up the Bosphorus. Located at the most open point of the Çubuklu coast, the mansion was built by İbrahim Ethem Pasha, one of the grand viziers of the Abdülhamit period.

İbrahim Ethem Pasha, who was raised under the auspices of Hüsrev Pasha, was sent to France for education and studied mining there.

İbrahim Ethem Pasha, who went down in history as Turkey's first mining engineer, assumed various duties in the state during the reigns of Abdulmecit I and Abdulaziz I. During the reign of II. Abdülhamit, served as the grand vizier. This mansion, built by İbrahim Ethem Bey, who passed away in 1893, is named after his son Halil Ethem.

Osman Hamdi Bey, one of the sons of İbrahim Ethem Bey, is known as the person who started museology in the Republic of Turkey. Osman Hamdi Bey, who founded the Archeology Museum, brought his brother Halil Ethem Bey here as the director. On the other hand, one of the children of İbrahim Ethem Bey is known as one of the first Numismatists in Turkey. In the meantime, let us state that the numismatist; coin or paper money collectors, and people in the field of study who examine coins are called.

Considering the architectural features of the mansion, it is seen that it was built as bagdadi and wood. On the other hand, it is remarkable that it has two floors over the stone entrance floor. However, this two-story wooden part was rebuilt in concrete in 1990. On the other hand, during the restoration works carried out in the same year, the bath part of the mansion was covered with glass and turned into a kitchen.

Halil Ethem Bey Mansion, built in a neoclassical style on a baroque plan, consists of six rooms, two sofas, a living room, two toilets, and a bathroom. On the other hand, when all the doors are opened, the mansion can be seen easily from head to toe. Finally, we should mention that there is a Zülvecheyn Sofa, which means two-sided, in the building. Especially the Zülvecheyn Sofa, which is familiar from Dolmabahçe Palace; It is connected to the harem, the selamlik, the garden and the sea.

Halil Ethem Bey MansionHalil Ethem Bey MansionHalil Ethem Bey MansionHalil Ethem Bey Mansion


  • kFS9xAfK
    20.07.2022 07:16

    Villa evler istanbul

  • Kerim AZ
    25.08.2021 21:06

    İbrahim Ethem paşa zevkliymiş. Çok iyi görünüyor. restorasyon çalışmaları da gayet yerinde olmuş. Köprü manzarasıda güzel görünüyor. İnsan böyle yerde geceleri boğazı izlemeye doyamaz. :)

  • muratty
    30.12.2022 14:28

    Restorasyon çalışmasından sonra tekrar gittim restorasyon çok iyi olmuş.


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