Gülbahar Hatun Tomb

Gülbahar Hatun Tomb

Gülbahar Hatun Tomb

Gülbahar Valide Hatun Tomb is located in Suriçi, Istanbul. The fact that it is located in the graveyard of Fatih Mosque and at the same time opposite the tomb of Fatih Sultan increases the density of visiting this place. There are shrines with the same name in the cities of Trabzon and Bursa. When you come here, you will be mingled with a very impressive complex, so you can explore many historical places besides the tomb.

The first tomb built, just like Fatih Sultan Mehmet Tomb, collapsed as a result of an earthquake in the 18th century. One of the important names of the period, Sultan III. Mustafa orders the tomb to be rebuilt in 1767. The column sections of the tomb, which was first built in the earthquake, survived. Therefore, a new tomb is built just above these columns. Gülbahar Valide Hatun Tomb was built by Architect Mehmet Ağa. While the second tomb is being built, attention is paid to the architectural details of the first tomb. For example, the tomb is designed with an octagonal plan. In the same way, the single-domed feature is maintained. The only ornamental element of the tomb, which is very plain in general, is the small pencil work in the dome section.

The historical tomb, which has survived for a long time, is largely made of cut stones. The exterior of the building is extremely modest. Both the lower and upper sides are illuminated by a window. Its original epitaph is found just above the door of the tomb. The book is written in two lines. When the information in the inscription is examined, it is observed that it was damaged during the repair date and the fire of Cibali. The tomb is also surrounded by railings. There are verses on both sides of the inscription, which is on a marble structure. The inscription was written in 1894 by one of the important calligraphers of the period, Tevfik Efendi. Hexagonal bricks stand out on the ground of the historical tomb.

Gülbahar Hatun TombGülbahar Hatun TombGülbahar Hatun Tomb



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