Feyzullah Efendi Fountain

Feyzullah Efendi Fountain

Feyzullah Efendi Fountain

The Feyzullah Efendi Fountain, one of the most important fountains in İstanbul, is located in the square between the İskele Avenue and İmam Ali Street. This historical fountain has a square layout and a pointed arc. This two façade fountain which draws attention with the mug drawer and tank is located within the borders of the district of Fatih. When you look closer to the rocks of the mirror, you can immediately see cypress patterns and medallions. One of the sinks is right below the ground and the other one is still solid. However, no water flows today.

The fountain is intertwined with the madrasah called by the same name. It is in a way a part of the complex. The constructor of both the madrasah and the fountain, Seyyid Feyzullah Efendi died in 1110. He managed to raise to Shayk Al-Islam when he was the most active. The historical fountain has recently been restored and put to service. Despite that, people suggested that repair works should be rendered more frequently. Similarly, the most important part of the madrasah, designed in a square layout, is this historical fountain. Small classrooms, a masjid and a library are located in the same area with the madrasah and the fountain.

Tiered brick materials and cut stones are commonly preferred in the construction of the fountain. Visitors can easily read the inscription of this historical structure which has a classical architecture on general terms. There is a writing that reads “Drink water from this clear and cold fountain!”. The inscription is comprised of eight lines in total. It is also written that the father of the fountain is the teacher of Mustafa III and information is given about the date of construction of the fountain. It is also stated that Feyzullah Efendi was from Erzurum.

Feyzullah Efendi FountainFeyzullah Efendi FountainFeyzullah Efendi Fountain


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    11.01.2023 13:46

    Feyzullah Efendi Medresesi'nin (Millet Kütüphanesi) dış duvarındaki çeşme 17. yüzyılda medrese ile birlikte yaptırılmış.


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