Eyup Sultan Cemetery

Eyup Sultan Cemetery

Eyup Sultan Cemetery

Eyüp Sultan Cemetery, one of the most important cemeteries of Istanbul, is located on the shores of the Golden Horn. The name of the famous cemetery in Eyüpsultan district comes from Ebu Eyyub el-Ensari.He was the person who used to be a flagman in Umayyad military expeditions. Since his tomb is located in this region and there have been people who wanted to be buried close to him led to the emergence of Eyüp Sultan Cemetery. In Eyüp Sultan Cemetery, the biggest Islamic cemetery in the city; many people from poets to sultans, scholars and viziers have been buried over time. The cemetery is expanded from the Golden Horn to the Edirnekapı walls. With the increasing demand, the area of ​​the cemetery also expands.

Road works carried out from time to time in the Golden Horn region seriously damage the graves here. This situation causes great reactions at that time. The first tombstones of this place are relatively far from vanity. Cemetery stones in Anatolia generally have a certain variety. Eyüp Sultan Cemetery clearly reflects these varieties. Some tombstones, almost reminiscent of a work of art, also provide information about the identity of the deceased. With the discovery of new marble quarries towards the end of the 1700s, this cemetery uses more marble. It is seen that the architectural style used in the Ottoman tombs is reflected here as well. It is possible to find traces of this tradition, especially in china and pen ornaments.

People's desire to be buried in Eyüp Sultan Cemetery, which is mentioned in the literature as one of the biggest cemeteries not only in Istanbul but also in the world, still continues today. Eyüp Sultan Cemetery today consist of sections such as burial area, public soup-kitchen, Gümüşsuyu and Kırkmerdiven. Bahariye Cemetery was also included here in later periods. It is possible to bury in some sections with the permission of the Council of Ministers and in some other sections directly with the permission of the municipality.

Eyup Sultan CemeteryEyup Sultan CemeteryEyup Sultan CemeteryEyup Sultan Cemetery



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