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Great New Khan

Great New Khan

Having a very central location in Çakmakçılar Slope in Fatih district of Istanbul, Büyük Yeni Han is also close to the Chairseciler and Çarkçılar streets. Sultan III. Büyük Yeni Han, built by Mustafa to Architect Mehmet Tahir Ağa in 1764, has a rectangular plan in general terms. Today, there are 40 shops in the outer part of the inn, where only the frame can be seen, not the inscription.

The Büyük Yeni Han, which consists of three floors in total, is still open to visitors even though it is somewhat neglected today. The single-domed Sultan Mustafa Mosque is located next to its neighbor, the Little New Han. The Great Yeni Han, whose construction date goes back to the second half of the 18th century, has been used by sarrafs for a long time. The inn has two courtyards with a length of 42 meters and 25 meters and three different entrances. There are Çarkıçlar streets at the bottom, Chairseciler at the top and Tarakçılar streets behind it.

When the Safety Fund was first established, studies continued in the rooms above this inn. Opened in June of 1868, the Security Fund served in Büyük Yeni Han until it moved to its new building. The inn, in which neatly carved cut stone was used, is a special structure built with different techniques. Since it was built on a very inclined and narrow land, the two courtyards of the Great New Han, which does not have a complete geometric plan, are 15 - 12 meters wide.

In addition to the cradle vault used on the upper floor, the outer shops of Büyük Yeni Han, which also has boat vaults, extend along the Sandalyeeciler Street. There is a wooden door with thick iron plate pill at the entrance of the Great New Inn, which attracts the admiration of every visitor with its monumental appearance.

Great New KhanGreat New KhanGreat New KhanGreat New Khan



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