Balat Coast

Balat Coast

Balat Coast

Balat Coast on the European side of Istanbul is located on the shores of Golden Horn (Haliç) in Balat that has become the new home of the Jewish communities from Spain - also known as Sephardi Jews- since the 15th century.

Balat Coast is the place where it is possible to witness the history along the coastline… It is a place where Greek-speaking Jews have also lived since the Byzantine period and you can still hear the traces of the old Greek while walking on the streets today...

Walking along the coastline in the mornings, watching the fishing boats that enhance the sound of the waves or getting lost in its history... Balat Coast, where all the desired options can be chosen, carries the traces of the past to the end, but also keeps up with the modern world... Thus, it is possible to do a different activity almost every hour of the day along the beach where many cafes and restaurant are located. I have to say that Balat is also famous for its taverns. For this reason, drinking raki with a nice fish in the evening on the beach is one of the frequently preferred options.

If we look at the terminology of the word 'Balat', it is the most common opinion that the word was originally used as 'palation', later evolved into 'balation' among the people and eventually evolved into today's Balat. Palation, on the other hand, is a phrase that means "palace" in Greek and is used for very precious places.

Balat Coast is described as an invaluable place for social media and photography fanciers… In fact, its countless authentic cafes, selfie walls and streets reflecting its centuries-old history are just like "Smile, I shoot!" 😊

Balat CoastBalat CoastBalat CoastBalat Coast


  • mustafaalii
    23.12.2022 07:19

    Balık tutamaya gelmek isteyen varmı ? 🎣

  • beyzakorkmazzx
    01.08.2022 07:46

    Yakınında tramvay durağı var bu yüzden ulaşımı kolay, sabahın erken saatleri yürüyüş yapmak için güzel oluyor balık tutmak isteyenlerin de uğrak yerlerinden biri

  • fatmagulsever
    20.07.2022 07:42

    Deniz kenarında oturmayı özlemişim. Yemek için Balat sahil restoranına gitmek istemiştim ancak çok kalabalıktı. Bu yüzden yer bulamadık.


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