Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street

As soon as we say Istanbul Anatolian side, one of the first places that come to mind is absolutely Bagdat Street. Bağdat Street, which is starting from Kızıltoprak and ending in Cevizli of Maltepe district and whose fame is beyond the provincial borders, has a length of approximately 14 kilometers. Bagdat Street became famous for connecting Byzantine Empire to Anatolia during the Ottoman Empire, and it was a street where armies and trade caravans were used at that time.

After the conquest of Istanbul and the domination of the Ottoman Empire, intended use of Bagdat Street was changed and took its named during the period of Murat IV. The Ottoman Empire called this street "Baghdad" after they had won "Baghdad Campaign” organized by Iraq for regaining Baghdad. Unlike today, Bağdat Street starting from Üsküdar Square and ending at Bostancı Bridge also passed through Haydarpaşa Meadow and Karacaahmet Cemetery.

There were more than one prayer room and fountain on the street during the Ottoman period. Then Bagdat Street became a haunt of the rich and one of the most luxurious settlements in Istanbul, it gained this statue during the reign of Abdülhamit. Bagdat Street took on a very different profile as many mansions and houses were built by government officials, pashas and rich merchants who wanted to live close to the sultan's palace at that time. Bagdat Street, which was decorated with cobblestone stones before the First World War and then asphalt pavement and expanded, extends from Kızıltoprak to Cevizli in Maltepe district. Bagdat Street where the richest people of not only Istanbul, but also Turkey have property or live, is a place famous for its high rental fees.

Bagdat StreetBagdat StreetBagdat Street


  • ardacetinkaya
    04.08.2022 08:37

    Arabayla piyasa yapmaya birebir kendine ve aracına güvenen gelsin 😉

  • mustafaalii
    23.12.2022 06:45

    İstanbulda oturulacak en iyi mühit olsa gerekk.

  • RosjS79c
    04.08.2022 04:01



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