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Ahmediye Madrasah

Ahmediye Madrasah

Ahmediye Madrasah, located in the courtyard of the Ahmediye Mosque, one of the most beautiful examples of classical Ottoman architecture, is located within the borders of Ahmediye Quarter in Üsküdar district of Istanbul. The Ahmediye Madrasah in the courtyard of the Ahmediya Mosque got built in 1721 by the Shipyard Treasurer of the Social Complex known named Ahmet Agha. 

The social complex hosting a primary school, a fountain, a madrasah, a library, a timekeeper, an imaret and a burial area as well as the Ahmediye Madrasa is located at the intersection of the Gündoğumu Street and Esvapçı Street, and the courtyard doors of the complex are designed to face said streets.  

Since the area where the madrasah is located was known as Kefçe Dede Quarter until 2008, the Ahmediye Madrasah is also often called the Kefçe Dede Social Complex and it is among the most important cultural heritage of Üsküdar. Another important religious building, Malatyalı Ismail Ağa Mosque, is located very close to the madrasah, which has survived to the present day through to the extensive restoration works it went through in 1861, 1885 and 1965.

The rooms of Ahmediye Madrasa, which has a simple decoration and workmanship, contains a stove and a cupboard. The madrasah, in which only stones and bricks were used in the construction of its exterior, was severely damaged in 1914, and in 1918 it became home to immigrants and soldiers who were included in the Daarülhilafe staff.

The elegant marble water fountains and public fountain in the courtyard of the Ahmediye Madrasah, got built by Eminzade Hacı Ahmed Agha in 1721, are the structures also definitely worth seeing that create an integrated effect. The rooms at the back of the madrasah water fountain and the three-sided public fountain, which got repaired by Tiryal Hanım, one of Mahmud II.'s favorites, are also open for visitsing.

Ahmediye MadrasahAhmediye MadrasahAhmediye MadrasahAhmediye Madrasah



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