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Payas Fortress

Payas Fortress

Payas Fortress in Hatay, one of the Turkey’s historic cities on the Mediterranian coast, it is one of the highlights of the tourist attraction located on the coast of İskenderun Bay, which is an important trade centre in region. It is known that its construction was completed in 1571. Payas Fortress, a long route known as the Haji Road, which is important to Muslims, has remained active for many centuries in this context. The castle, which also has a base location for the southern regions for the Ottoman Empire, has subsequent additions to various needs such as mosques and baths as well as its robustness. This detail indicates that the importance of the castle over time is even greater. On the other hand, there is another section within the castle that hand out food to the poor, etc. The castle, which survived by being preserved very well, is among the precious Ottoman architectural structures in Hatay.

Payas FortressPayas FortressPayas FortressPayas Fortress


  • muratty
    05.07.2022 06:58

    Restorasyon olduğu için kalenin içini gezemedik Şuan görünen yerler bile Çok güzel yanındaki cami ve kulliye de süper.


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