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Iskenderun Sea Museum

Iskenderun Sea Museum

Iskenderun Sea Museum, one of the oldest maritime museums in Turkey, is one of Hatay's standout attractions. Today's museum building, built as a residence in 1930, was used for military purposes in the 40's. A year after the design work began as an exhibition space in 2008, it opened under the name of Iskenderun Sea Museum. The Iskenderun Maritime Museum, which draws attention with its extensive collection, exhibits ships, busts of famous Turkish sailors, maritime equipment, clothes worn by sailors, tools and equipment, weapons, anchors, medals and many other types of objects. In the museum, which is divided into the parts according to materials such as plastic arts, stone and metal, the display of the species in separate areas makes it possible to visit a more comfortable visit. You can see giant-sized real ships as well as ship models on display in the show case in a museum. The museum is also a vibrant cultural area throughout the year. It also hosts concerts and periodic exhibitions. Iskenderun Sea Museum, where over 65 years of age citizens, disabled, students and members of the Turkish Armed Forces can visit free of charge and it can be visit with a modest entrance fee by buying tickets for other people. Let's note that it's open between certain hours.

Iskenderun Sea MuseumIskenderun Sea MuseumIskenderun Sea MuseumIskenderun Sea Museum


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