Yesemek Open Air Museum

Yesemek Open Air Museum

Yesemek Open Air Museum

Yesemek is home to the most developed quarries in the region between the 2nd millennium BC and the 8th century BC. There are also numerous sculpture workshops in those years. Yesemek village, located close to the Islahiye district of Gaziantep, is located on the ridge of Karatepe. In these workshops, Hurris known as local people are employed. The region remains under Hittite control for many years. Especially during the late Hittite period, this place experiences its golden age. In relatively recent time periods, Assyrian, Aramaic effects begin to gain weight. These mixed cultures have a significant influence on later Greek art as well. The Assyrians put an end to the activities of these workshops. The masters of that period are taken directly to Assyria. The workshops located here are largely left as they are. More than 300 ragment drafts are extracted from the bottom of the soil. This important cultural heritage later gives rise to the Yesemek Open Air Museum. Gate lions and sphinxes form an important part of this museum. On the other hand, various reliefs related to the Mountain God also attract attention. The reliefs in the works often portray battle scenes. All architectural works are presented within their natural atmosphere and world. With the necessary landscaping, this place is open to visitors. Gaziantep Museum Directorate plays an important role in this arrangement. This museum is shown as the only one in the world in its field. This region is an important and exciting place to show the value that the people of that period gave to art. Building a workshop of this size today, despite all these possibilities, is not easy. Yesemek Open Air Museum is open to visitors every day. The museum can be visited free of charge.

Yesemek Open Air MuseumYesemek Open Air MuseumYesemek Open Air Museum


  • gulleribrahimm
    30.12.2022 13:06

    Harika bir yer. Manzarası güzel. Hititlere ait tek açık hava heykel atölyesi

  • mervebakknn
    06.07.2022 14:15

    Görülmesi gereken 3000 yıla meydan okumuş. İçinde çeşitli figürler bulunan bu yer eski sanat müzesi diyede biliniyor.


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