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New Inn

Yeni Han, which significantly reflects Ottoman architecture, is located in the city of Gaziantep. Apart from The New Inn, there are many inns that receive great attention from local and foreign visitors. This type of inns is seen as a kind of transit point for passengers coming to the city to stay and spend time. Some of the inns in the city are tried to be repaired and kept alive. The New Inn is counted among the single-yard inns. This historic site, which is also a two-story inn, was built in 1757. The ground floor is used for warehouse and barn purposes. It is possible to observe the similar situation in other inns. The upper floor of the New Inn is designed to accommodate passengers. Regular rooms lined up side by side cause a beautiful ambience. Black and yellow cut stones are used on the walls of the inn. The room used as a barn at the entrance of the inn is evaluated as a quarry in the first periods. This place is later converted into a barn for passengers who come with their animals. Likewise, Kaleoğlu cave is also found in this area. The New Inn, which is located on the Cultural Road and is considered a very important leisure area, is also an ideal place to cool off in the summer months. There are no inscriptions in the inn that reach this day. Therefore, it is not known exactly who built the inn. However, according to the information in the books of the foundation, it is understood that it was at least an 18th century inn. The first owner of the inn is thought to be Asiye Hanım(Mistress), daughter of Battal Bey. The inn is surrounded by porches on both the ground floor and the upper floor. Only the sentence door of the inn has decorations. Apart from this, it has a simple structure in general. Mirrored vaults attract attention in the inn where the covering system is used.

New InnNew InnNew InnNew Inn



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