Historical Tahmis Coffee House

Historical Tahmis Coffee House

Historical Tahmis Coffee House

Tahmis means the place where the coffee is beaten. In past times, dibeks made of walnut are used to make coffees. You can witness this culture by visiting the Historical Tahmis Coffee House in Gaziantep. This place was established by Mustafa Agha in order to provide economic income to mevlevihane at that time. Mustafa Agha is known as a Turkmen Agha. The two-storey building used for this historic coffee house was built in 1638. The Historical Tahmis Coffee House, which has accumulated countless memories to date, is destroyed by two separate fires in 1901. The inn and several shops are also damaged in this fire. Feyzullahoğlu Sheikh Mehmet, who was the sheikh of mevlevihane at the time, will make this place rebuilt. He personally puts a lot of money out of his own pocket for this. Tahmis Coffee House, which is located in the Wheat Inn, is thus given the chance to continue its journey again. It was reopened in 1904. According to the information transmitted IV. Murat comes to this coffee shop during the Baghdad Expedition and rests for a while. It is one of the oldest coffee houses in Turkey and attracts the attention of local and foreign visitors. Noted for its authentic atmosphere, coffee house is known as a reading place in transition. In this sense, it is considered to be a culturally and socially useful meeting place. It is in a very different state than today's understanding of coffee. Because the estimated coffee house is a very valuable place, restoration is performed many times. Despite so many restorations, it remains true to its original texture. The last repair is done in 2011. These studies continue for exactly two years. The favorite of the visitors is the menengic(terebinth) coffee, which is usually unique to the region. If you wish, you can drink coffee here or buy it directly.

Historical Tahmis Coffee HouseHistorical Tahmis Coffee HouseHistorical Tahmis Coffee HouseHistorical Tahmis Coffee House


  • sinem1907
    30.08.2022 11:53

    Tamamen tarih kokuyo

  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:50

    Güzel atmosferi olan güzel bir Cafe 🙏🏻


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