Museum of Games and Toys

Museum of Games and Toys

Museum of Games and Toys

The Game and Toy Museum, which manages to add significant value to the social life especially in Gaziantep, welcomes a large number of visitors from seven to seventy. The museum opened within the scope of the Metropolitan Municipality exhibits the most interesting toy examples from the 18th century. Bey neighborhood, one of the city's historic neighborhoods, houses the museum. This charming house, resembling fairy tales, is expropriated by the municipality. In 2011, the necessary restoration work is completed and the museum is finally opened to visitors. Like many toy museums in Turkey, this museum has the signature of Sunay Akın. The museum was inaugurated in 2013. Some of the toys created between 1700 and 1990 in Gaziantep Play and Toy Museum are made from factory and some are handmade.As natural, people are more interested in handmade factories located within the museum. There are currently around 600 toys on display. The Game and Toy Museum has three floors. The section opened for visitors at the museum is 250 square meters. The space itself is divided into nine separate thematic sections. Major heroes like Pinocchio, The Seven Dwarfs, Popeye are in the gallery section here. On the other hand, a section of the museum introduces children of the world. Model children wearing their local clothes get a lot of attention. With this aspect, it is known as the only Toy Museum in the world where children are introduced. A large number of toys, from plush toys to robots, from industrial equipment to lehman toys, are offered to visitors within the museum. Gaziantep Game and Toy Museum is open to visitors every day. You can visit the museum between 08:30 and 17:00 in the evening. This special museum is the latest toy museum to open in Turkey. There are a total of five Toy museums in Turkey. These are spread to cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya.

Museum of Games and ToysMuseum of Games and ToysMuseum of Games and ToysMuseum of Games and Toys


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