Mevlevihane(Mevlevi Lodge) Foundation Museum

Mevlevihane(Mevlevi Lodge) Foundation Museum

Mevlevihane(Mevlevi Lodge) Foundation Museum

The Mevlevihane Foundation Museum, which was brought to life by explaining what mevlevism was and how its philosophy came to be until today, can be seen a postcard of Gaziantep from a spiritual point of view. Mevlevihanes are characteristic and original structures of Anatolian geography. In this context, an old building society in Şahinbey, the famous District of Gaziantep with its historical structures, is a means of transferring a tekke (islamic monastery) belonging to Mevlevi sect to future generations in the form of a museum. Mevlevihane Foundation Museum, which is situated among the cultural and authentic values of the city, also contributes deeply to the recognition of this culture by local and foreign tourists. As part of the museum, mannequins made of wax are equipped with authentic clothes on them and items reflecting the period around them. The museum, whose historical texture is quite striking, has designed scenes where the eyes cannot be taken, and the realism in these scenes is quite impressive. It deserves praise for its delicately designed decor and artistic design promise. The presence of historical items is remarkable in the museum, where the experiences with emphasis on the period are exhibited together with various items. The spiritual atmosphere is also at a high level throughout the structure. However, the museum, which has a natural lighting and stands out with its high dome, promises visual discoveries in general and attracts attention with its large courtyard.

Mevlevihane(Mevlevi Lodge) Foundation MuseumMevlevihane(Mevlevi Lodge) Foundation MuseumMevlevihane(Mevlevi Lodge) Foundation MuseumMevlevihane(Mevlevi Lodge) Foundation Museum


  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:23

    güzel bir müze maneviyatı yüksek tahmiş cafenin yanindaki camin içinde❤girişi ücretsizdir 🙃🤣

  • gulleribrahimm
    30.12.2022 13:14

    Tahmis'in yanında Tekke Camisinin içinde küçük ve sevimli bir müze, ücretsiz.


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