Ancient City of Karkamis

Ancient City of Karkamis

Ancient City of Karkamis

The ancient city of Karkamis is located within the Karkamis District of Gaziantep. The ancient city is also very close to the border between Turkey and Syria. The area is considered as a very important stop for Near Eastern Archaeology. The Kingdom of Karkamis, which gave its name to the ancient city, is the most important and powerful kingdom of the late Hittite period. Many reliefs are found within the scope of the excavations carried out in this area. Today, a significant number of these reliefs have been sent to the Ankara Museum of Anatolian Civilizations. Some are also displayed directly in the Gaziantep Museum. The existence of the ancient city leads us to the 12th century BC. Especially the fact that it mirrors the cultural structure of that period and the daily way of life makes this place much more meaningful. Excavations at the site are decayed for a while due to the Syrian war. After the break, mines are cleared and re-existing fieldwork is carried out. Very serious protective measures are taken for the ancient city of Karkamis, which is noted for its proximity to Jarablus, whose name is often heard due to the war. Although the University of Istanbul supported it, an Italian team led the excavations. The name of the ancient city of Karkamis is first found in the archives of Ebla Palace. The name of the city in the local language essentially means the Port of Kemos. Kemos is known as a very important deity for Syria. The most important development of the ancient city of Karkamis took place during the Middle Bronze Age. During this period, the city was surrounded by earthen walls. It is the capital of both free and semi-free kingdoms. After 1350 BC, when the Hittite control of the development, its development occurs even more quickly. During the Middle Ages, only settlement is seen in the agora section. The first known excavation of the area took place in 1878. Henderson, the British consul in Aleppo, would have great influence in this excavation.

Ancient City of KarkamisAncient City of KarkamisAncient City of KarkamisAncient City of Karkamis



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