Hisar Mausoleum

Hisar Mausoleum

Hisar Mausoleum

Hisar mausoleum, which is one of the most important cultural heritage of Gaziantep city, is located in the district of Araban. Since Araban is already an excavation site, it is home to many similar sites. In neighboring villages in the district of Araban, there are two more monumental tombs besides the Hisar mausoleum. These are located in the villages named Elif, Hisar and Hasanoğlu. Just like the other two tombs, the Hisar mausoleum remains from the Roman period. The tomb, which runs parallel to the Euphrates, is usually reserved for the leading soldiers of that period. The mausoleum of Hisar, built for noble rulers or soldiers of rank, has three separate sections. The pedestal section where the burial chamber is located, the paye or arched section, and finally the roof cover, form these basic sections. The roof part is pyramidal in shape. This is true not only in the mausoleum of Hisar, but in the other two tombs. It is considered as a great chance that Hisar mausoleum has survived intact. The mausoleum is built on a smooth platform. The cut stones in this area immediately stand out. The dimensions of the square pedestal are 4x4 meters. At each corner are columns with Corinthian capitals. It is estimated that there was a statue in its time in the column head, located above the pyramidal roof. The total height of the mausoleum is around 10 meters. The decorations in Hisar mausoleum are generally plain. Exactly what date the tomb was created is unknown. Despite this, it is thought that the date it was built corresponds to the end of the 2nd century BC. Especially the production style and techniques are effective in this idea. Unfortunately, some walls of Hisar mausoleum are ruined.

Hisar MausoleumHisar MausoleumHisar MausoleumHisar Mausoleum


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