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Gaziantep Zoo

Gaziantep Zoo

Located in the southeastern Anatolia region, Gaziantep is home to Turkey's largest zoo. In fact, not only Turkey, but also the Middle East ranks first. Gaziantep Zoo is ranked third in Europe. Appealing to people of all ages, this fun venue is set on a huge area of about a thousand acres. Gaziantep Zoo, located in the bush forest, is created thanks to the initiatives of the municipality. The area has been of great interest since the first day it was opened. Hundreds of species that we are not likely to see, especially in everyday life, are presented here to visitors. The zoo also has a private museum in itself. This is the first example where the museum and the zoo are intertwined. Particular attention has been paid to the natural conditions of the animals. Summer and winter conditions, feeding conditions and allotted areas turn this place into a kind of wildlife park rather than an animal prison. There is a great interest in the zoo, especially for the tropics. Coming within a few metres of the wild animals and witnessing them in all their detail is quite exciting for visitors. In the large cage where the birds are found, there are 90 different species in total. This means that approximately one thousand birds are found here. The total capacity of the large aquarium with marine and freshwater creatures is 450 tons of water. 82 separate species can be observed in this area. Two separate houses are designed for apes, a summer house and a winter house. Another feature of Gaziantep Zoo is that it is home to the first real safari Park in Turkey. As part of the safari tours here, you will have the chance to observe all the animal species in the zoo in a much more enjoyable way. Here, you can feel yourself in Africa's unfettered forests.

Gaziantep ZooGaziantep ZooGaziantep ZooGaziantep Zoo



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