Hasanoğlu Mausoleum

Hasanoğlu Mausoleum

Hasanoğlu Mausoleum

Gaziantep is a special geography where many different civilizations live together, making a difference with its historical and cultural sites. Hasanoğlu mausoleum is among the places worth seeing in this special city. In the mausoleum, which has a square plan, cut smooth stones attract attention. Especially the columns placed on the west and south facades make this place much more special. The arches that sit just above these paye columns crown this beauty. It can be observed clearly that some aesthetic concerns were motivated during the construction of the Hasanoğlu mausoleum. The monumental tombs belong to the 2nd century BC. That date, though, is yet to be definitively confirmed. These graves are presumed to belong to nobles. It makes such an impression with its grand looks and magnitudes. Hasanoğlu mausoleum is located in Hasanoğlu Village, Araban District of Gaziantep. Archaeological excavations are carried out for a very long time in the district of Araban, which is a tourist destination. Developments related to the mausoleum occur during this excavation process. The unearthing of the tomb from the Roman period creates considerable excitement in the archaeological world. Despite this, the mausoleum does not see the value it deserves in the recent period of repair. The Hasanoğlu mausoleum, which has remained a bit neglected and is now almost demolished, is finally restored in 2011. After the restoration process, the necessary consolidations were carried out. Tourists coming to Araban district generally do not neglect to visit Hasanoğlu Village and visit the mausoleum. Some sightseeing companies include this village four their tours. In this way, the mausoleum has the chance to meet many more visitors. You can come to Hasanoğlu village thanks to dolmuş departing from Araban district. In the same way, you can easily reach the region with your private car.

Hasanoğlu MausoleumHasanoğlu MausoleumHasanoğlu MausoleumHasanoğlu Mausoleum


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    21.09.2022 12:10

    Elif köyünde restore edilmiş vardır


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