Handan Bey Mosque

Handan Bey Mosque

Handan Bey Mosque

Those who come to Gaziantep will witness that the city is home to many historical mosques. Some of these are unfortunately damaged by the French in the process of resistance. Handan Bey Mosque, one of the mosques that managed to reach the present day, is also referred in different ways among the people. According to the inscription here, the mosque was built in 1647. In the inscription section, the name of the mosque is mentioned as it is known today. Handan Agha, who gave the mosque its name, has lived in Gaziantep for many years. Handan Agha, who is essentially born in Erzincan, is known as a poor person. This mosque, which also has a saddlery, was demolished and rebuilt towards the end of the 18th century. In some sources, this may also be stated as a repair work. The income from the saddlery is used for both repair and other work. During the critical years of Gaziantep's defense, the mosque suffered great damage and was closed to worship. During the period after the resistance, a new repair work is carried out here. Evliya Çelebi gives a large place to the historical mosque, which also known as Handaniye mosque. Those who read the travelogue can testify to the praiseworthy remarks about the Handan Bey Mosque. There are two nave in the mihrab part of the mosque. In some sections, the cross vaults attract attention. After repairs, some damage occurs in the mihrab section. Pointed arches are prominent in the niche section. Marbles of different colors are preferred in the arched entrance. The body part of the minaret is multi-cornered. Gaziantep is a very warm place in general, so the minaret balconies are protected against the sun. This part is covered with an umbrella roof. In the subdivision of the balcony are the rows of muqarnas. Under it, tile layers and badges can be observed. Handan Bey Mosque is also close to Gaziantep Castle.

Handan Bey MosqueHandan Bey MosqueHandan Bey MosqueHandan Bey Mosque


  • sudekilic
    06.10.2022 05:11

    Gördüğüm en güzel müezzin mahfillerinden birisi işte tam olarak bu camide. Farklı renkteki taşların birbirine geçirilme üslubuyla örülen duvarlarından tutun da minbere çıkılan merdivenine kadar her yeri muhteşem güzellikte.


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