Hammam Museum

Hammam Museum

Hammam Museum

The Turks gave great importance to the Turkish bath culture throughout history. There is no doubt that this culture is still alive. There are baths in many cities.It is also known that the centuries-old tradition of essential personal hygiene and cleanliness has its own place in Gaziantep. It is clear that the city has given importance to the baths along with the spring water. The Hammam Museum, located in one of the city's central locations, is a unique value that sheds light on this ancient culture.Kind of a symbol of the city. Gaziantep Hammam Museum is based on the idea of converting the hammam section of a complex, which is understood to have been built in 1577, into a museum. Completed in 2015, the Hammam Museum has been one of the city's favorite cultural attractions for years. So what does the museum offer its visitors? What awaits its guests? The exhibits in the museum are carried out in a real bath which has been restored to its original state. Because there are stones on the walls and soaps on the window displays. In addition to the tools and equipment of the bath, the revivals with wax sculptures stand out. Thus, it is aimed to introduce all the authentic aspects of Turkish bath culture.

Hammam MuseumHammam MuseumHammam MuseumHammam Museum


  • mguder
    05.05.2022 08:37

    çok güzel ve harika ötesi

  • BkU7u8BV
    12.06.2022 12:16


  • trakyal39
    24.08.2022 13:04

    Çok bir beklenti içine girmeyin derim yine de güzel bir çalışma olmuş.

  • samet
    20.06.2022 18:25

    Keyif alarak ailecek gezdiğimiz bir müze oldu. Gaziantep’e gidince kesinlikle gidilmesi gereken bir yer.

  • zFycl0E6
    23.04.2022 23:04

    gerçekten görünmesi gereken bir müze

  • emiresltn
    20.03.2022 13:31

    Şarkılarda da adının geçti antep hamamlarını anlatılan güzel bir hamam müzesi 🙏🏻


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