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Oltu Russian Church

Oltu Russian Church

Oltu Russian Church in the east of the city is known to have been built after the Ottoman-Russian War. Although there are no inscriptions on it, the church, which is estimated to have been built between 1885 and 1890, attracts all the attention with its appearance. The church, which is thought to have been built by the Russians after the Ottoman-Russian War; It is 35x15 meters in size. The dome of the church, which has a rectangular structure, was created in kiborion style. The lower curved construction of the fronts on the north and south side has added a marginal style to the structure. The church entrance door also wants to welcome guests with its ornate embroidery, round arch and architecture that is carried out in a manner befitting the entrance. At the same time, this structure has made the cross plan more prominent because it has been raised on the apses. Oltu Russian Church, which is thought to have been completed in a period of about 40 years during the Bolshevik Revolution, is a magnificent architectural monument that can stand until today. The official said it will start working on the church. By 2020, they plan to contribute to tourism by restoring the church and turning it into a library in order to be functional without changing the texture of its internal structure.

Oltu Russian ChurchOltu Russian ChurchOltu Russian ChurchOltu Russian Church


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    20.06.2022 12:03

    Buna benzer bir yapı Kars'ta da vardı.


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