Şükrü Pasha Monument

Şükrü Pasha Monument

Şükrü Pasha Monument

Şükrü Pasha was an important figure for Edirne. Mehmet Şükrü Pasha, referred as ‘Edirne Müdafili’ in the sources, is a figure who lived between 1857 and 1916 and who came to prominence especially during the Balkan War. Even a special monument is built in memory of the Pasha, whose value is known while he was alive but who turned into legends after his death. The first foundations of Şükrü Pasha Monument were laid on 22 June 1984. However, due to technical errors in the construction process, the monument collapses shortly afterwards. The artifact remains in disrepair for approximately 14 years. Cetin Erman and Zafer Özer, one of the soldiers of that period, raise this issue again. With the initiatives of both Pashas, a new project is created and the monument is re-created as a result of four months of work. The new version of Şükrü Pasha monument was reopened in 1998. This time the monument is built in a much more robust and aesthetic form. Şükrü Pasha's grave was located in the Central Effendi Cemetery in Istanbul. The funeral of the deceased is removed from here and moved to the site of the memorial. The monument is also designed as a large complex. A very important part of the complex, which covers an area of 16 thousand square meters in total, is divided into green areas. The remaining sections are used for seating areas and parking. Şükrü Pasha monument was designed simultaneously with the museum next to it. Both structures were built specifically in memory of those killed in the Balkan war in 1913 and the Şükrü Pasha monument is located in the area called Kıyık Tabya. This place stands out as one of the most critical defensive areas of Edirne during the war period. Thanks to the many means of transportation within the city, it is possible to come to the area where there are monuments and museums.

Şükrü Pasha Monument


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