Sittishah Sultan Mosque

Sittishah Sultan Mosque

Sittishah Sultan Mosque

Sittishah Sultan Mosque is one of the dozens of mosques that have been moved from history to the present day in Edirne. Dulkadiroğlu Suleyman Bey's daughter Sitti Hatun built Sittişah Sultan Mosque is recorded as the person who built. Sitti Hatun is also the wife of Sultan Mehmet The Conqueror. This mosque is sometimes referred as Sitti Sultan Mosque or Hatuniye Mosque. The construction of the mosque is determined as 1482 by reference from the information in the inscription. At that time the mosque was built in a certain part of the palace. The palace survives smoothly until 1743. Sittishah Sultan Mosque was involved in the repair process in the 1980s and 1990s. The historical mosque, located in Edirne city center, has three separate foundations. These are dated 1520, 1530 and 1574. It is recorded that various villages were dedicated to the mosque at that time. Since it is the only artefact left after the destroyed palace, the public takes more ownership of the mosque. The architectural features of Sittishah Mosque are admirable. The north facade is completely covered with smooth cut stones. Rubble stones and bricks are used on this facade. The mosque is situated in a fairly large courtyard. In the eastern and southern areas, there is a Hazire(burial area reserved for special people especially in mosques or sufi lodges) which is also used as a cemetery. Historians say that Sitti Sultan lay here; however, this information cannot be confirmed as his tombstone is missing. The dome part of the mosque and the minaret cone are completely covered with lead. In the northern part of the parish area, there is a fountain resembling a roller. The fountain is understood to be rebuilt on top of the old pedestal. Sittişah Sultan Mosque is located on Talat Pasha Street in Sevindik Fakih District. Those who want to visit the mosque have to walk up to the Atatürk Primary School. It is also possible to witness many historical sites on the same street.

Sittishah Sultan MosqueSittishah Sultan MosqueSittishah Sultan MosqueSittishah Sultan Mosque



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