Selimiye Arastası (Ottoman Bazaar)

Selimiye Arastası (Ottoman Bazaar)

Selimiye Arastası (Ottoman Bazaar)

The historical Selimiye Bazaar, which is the subject of Evliya Çelebi's travelogue and which brings its visitors on a mystical journey with its tradition,is located in the complex of the Selimiye Mosque seen as ‘Mastery of my work’ by Architect Sinan. The Selimiye Arastası, which was built in order to provide revenue to the Selimiye Mosque during the reign of Sultan III.Murat, is a striking structure with a length of 256 meters. It has 73 arches and 4 gates. Its construction date is clear; it was built in 1590. The gate that leads to the courtyard of the mosque, with the entrance doors on the north, south and east sides, reflects the traditional bazaar architecture of the Ottoman Empire to local and foreign tourists. Selimiye Arastası, located in Edirne in the city of bazaars, is also famous for its tradition of artisans that has not changed over the years. The bazaar, which continues to cover the costs of Selimiye for 428 years, also houses 124 shops. The bazaar, which is the first place that comes to mind when shopping and which is opened to the public after the ceremony where tradesmen swear halal earnings under the ‘Dome of Prayer’ every morning, has numerous gift options for your loved ones. Selimiye Arastası, a place frequented by shoppers with its authentic and historical texture, offers the opportunity to experience the local delights of the city, while offering a pleasant trip accompanied by motifs symbolizing Ottoman architecture. It is also an advantage to see smiling faces you will encounter in shops selling tourist goods. Selimiye Arastası, the symbol of the sincerity and warmth of Edirne people, reveals the generosity and hospitality of Anatolian people.

Selimiye Arastası (Ottoman Bazaar)Selimiye Arastası (Ottoman Bazaar)Selimiye Arastası (Ottoman Bazaar)Selimiye Arastası (Ottoman Bazaar)



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