Sarayiçi District

Sarayiçi District

Sarayiçi District

Edirne, as one of the capitals of the Ottoman Empire, is home to numerous historical sites. One of the most visited places in Edirne by local and foreign tourists is Sarayiçi. This place contains Edirne Palace. After Istanbul became the capital of the Ottoman Empire, this palace naturally loses its former importance, but despite this, the sultans who came to Edirne for hunting continue to use the palace to stay. During the Russian invasion of Edirne, the arsenal was deliberately detonated. In the process, a significant part of the palace is damaged. An extensive restoration work has recently taken place for Edirne Palace, one of sarayiçi's most symbolic places. Some relics and the Statue of Justice are inherited from that period. On the other hand, ‘Historical Kırkpınar Wrestling' is also held in this district. These traditional wrestling takes place in a large arena resembling the stadium on a day of the year since so long. Wrestling takes place especially with the contributions of Edirne Municipality. Wrestling, which is one of the most eagerly anticipated times for the people of Edirne, provides a great atmosphere especially in Sarayiçi. On the day of wrestling, the arena's surroundings literally turn into a fair. Many places in Sarayiçi are seen as historical sites. By the river, you can visit the bridges, mansions, palace and Kırkpınar Square at the same time. Among the places that attract local and foreign tourists in the Sarayiçi District of Edirne today, there are; Balkan martyrdom, Fatih Bridge and IV. Mehmed Hunting Pavilion. Fatih Bridge is just behind the Justice Kasri. On the other side, there is the Balkan Wars Monument.

Sarayiçi DistrictSarayiçi DistrictSarayiçi DistrictSarayiçi District


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