Saraçhane Bridge

Saraçhane Bridge

Saraçhane Bridge

Located in the western part of Edirne, Sarayiçi is home to the Saraçhane Bridge. The bridge is built over Tunca, one of the tributaries of Meriç. Sarachane Bridge, .It is built during the II.Murad in the year 1452. Şahabettin Pasha, who was prominent as one of the most important statesmen of that time, had an important role in the construction process of the bridge. It is also known that he built numerous foundations both in Anatolia and Rumeli at that time. The bridge has a total length of around 120 metres. Its width is around 5 meters. It has 11 pillars and 12 arches in total. The arches on both sides of the bridge are under earth. By 1702, the central arch of the bridge was demolished. During that period, it is extensively repaired by Sultan II.Mustafa and the bridge is extended by about 50 metres in the process. In 1886, the bridge was extended slightly over knitted feet; however, after this change, a mismatch between the old and the new version of the bridge was formed. The bridge is known by this name because it is located within the Saraçhane quarter. Saraçhane Bridge in some sources also called as Şehabeddin Pasha Bridge. Because of the interesting rooster motif in the bridge decoration, it is sometimes referred to as “Rooster Bridge”. Just above the Sarachane Bridge,there is a kind of relaxation balcony. This balcony has railings and balustrades. Notable for its pointed arches, the bridge also features an inscription pavilion being reminiscent of the mihrab style. Especially the inscription on display in Edirne Museum reflects many important information about the bridge. All details of the repair process except the year of construction are referenced here. The bridge would be privileged to be on the army route. The last repair work on Sarachane Bridge started in 2007 and continues until 2012.

Saraçhane BridgeSaraçhane BridgeSaraçhane BridgeSaraçhane Bridge



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