Nazır Fountain

Nazır Fountain

Nazır Fountain

The Nazır Fountain, shown among the historical fountains of Edirne, is made of cut stone material. Besides being a single fountain, it also has a single façade. At the same time, the mosque's chamber consists of a pyramidal stone roof with a zinc boat or chests that act as a funnel, which is placed between the gutters and the rain pipe. The Nazır Fountain is also considered a Square fountain. The plan of the fountain is square and the height of the ground is also 3 meters 71 centimeters. Nazır Fountain, which has a very simple structure compared to other fountains in Edirne, does not have a special niche. The front is a little more flashy. Apart from this, there are no ornamental figures in any part of the fountain. There is very little information about Nazır Fountain in written sources. In this sense, A.Badi is considered a reference to the information he quoted about the fountain. According to the information he provided, the architect of the fountain is Aydınlı Mehmet Bey. Aydınlı Mehmet Bey, . He was a muslim judge in the city during the reign of Sultan III.Murad. The construction year of the fountain was recorded as 1585 and it underwent a detailed repair process in 1862 due to its destruction in time and no longer flowing. Abdullah Efendi Zade Mevlana Salih Efendi, who was the muslim judge of Edirne at the time, took the initiative in this regard and had the fountain repaired on behalf of his daughter. The most important reason that the information about the Nazır Fountain is insufficient is because it does not have an inscription. There is an information that only part of the facade was repaired by Vakıflar Bank of Turkey in 1983. Apart from this, the original inscription of the building has not survived to the present day. Nazir Fountain has undergone period-by-period restoration process throughout its history. Edirne Toirism ve Industry Anonymous Corporate took part in the recent restoration. After this restoration, which took place recently, the fountain is reintroduced to tourism. The historical fountain is located right next to Şükrü Paşa Primary School, which is located on Atatürk Boulevard in Edirne city center.

Nazır FountainNazır FountainNazır FountainNazır Fountain



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