Kadı Bedrettin Mosque

Kadı Bedrettin Mosque

Kadı Bedrettin Mosque

One of the most interesting districts of Edirne which is Ayşe Kadın hosts a large number of historical sites. Kadi Bedrettin Mosque, one of these places, is located on the famous Talat Paşa Street in the district. As the name suggests, the mosque is built by Mevtana Bedrettin Mahmud, known as Kadi Bedrettin. He is also the father of Shaykh al-islam Şemsettin Ahmet. The construction process of the mosque corresponds to the year 1530. The Arabic inscription, which covers this and other information, is located just above the door at the entrance. Kadi Bedrettin mosque has a very spacious courtyard. The mosque is designed as a square plan and has eight pointed pulleys. The cut stones used in its construction attract attention. In each order, sequences of cut stones and brickwork follow each other. There are two round-arched windows on either side of the Kadi Bedrettin mosque. On the other hand, a round-arched window is placed in the middle of the windows above these structures. Two sections of the mihrab walls have pointed arched windows. The mihrab consists of seven corners in total. In terms of embellishment, unfortunately, it has moved away from its authenticity. The last congregation area at the front of the mosque has marble columns and is covered with glass. This section, like the mihrab, seems to have lost its authenticity. This area is covered on the occasion of a pandantive dome. The minaret adjacent to the congregation area is round-bodied and quite high. The minaret is single minaret balcony and there are relief-shaped stone friezes at the bottom It is possible to enter the harime (sacred area) by means of the crowned gate on the north walls. It is separated from the cad by the high walls that form the courtyard. Kadi Bedrettin Mosque and the historical Ayşe Kadın Mosque are located in a very close distance. It is the first historical mosque encountered, when people visit from Istanbul to Edirne city center.

Kadı Bedrettin MosqueKadı Bedrettin MosqueKadı Bedrettin MosqueKadı Bedrettin Mosque



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