IV. Mehmet Hunting Pavilion

IV. Mehmet Hunting Pavilion

IV. Mehmet Hunting Pavilion

IV. Mehmet Hunting Pavilion which is located between the tributaries of the Tunca River is included in the boundaries of Sarayiçi.The historical pavilion in the area known as the chicken Forest consists of additions made to Edirne Palace.IV. Mehmet was also known by his nickname” Hunter Mehmet " at the time.Only a part of the pavilion which was built in 1671 with the contributions of IV. Mehmet is still standing today.The pavilion was involved in the repair process as it suffered serious damage over time.Its most recent repair was carried out in 2002, and it was opened to visitors after that repair.You can easily reach IV.Mehmet Pavilion through the city by public transportation.The venue is also known as the Landlord Pavilion. Those who go to IV. Mehmet Pavilion being one of the hidden havens of Edirne also have a chance to explore a district that is home to the historic Kırkpınar wrestling.The most beautiful thing about visiting the lodge is that there is a great walking area which is about a kilometre.On your way to IV. Mehmet Pavilion, you can complete this peaceful road filled with trees, accompanied by the sounds of birds.There are also suitable parking lots for those arriving with personal vehicles. Landlord Pavilion or in other words IV. The Mehmet Pavilion resembles French castles and therefore allows you to travel through time.Since it has recently started to be an important place in terms of tourism, landscaping takes place accordingly.There are numerous rest areas and cafeterias around the pavilion. It is estimated that Hunter Mehmet hunted mainly in this area during those years and threw his fatigue after hunting in this mansion.IV.Mehmet Pavilion being quite small and charming is open for visitors. You may encounter a large number of chickens, birds or rabbits in the woodland.

IV. Mehmet Hunting PavilionIV. Mehmet Hunting PavilionIV. Mehmet Hunting PavilionIV. Mehmet Hunting Pavilion


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