Haji Adil Bey Fountain

Haji Adil Bey Fountain

Haji Adil Bey Fountain

Haji Adil Bey is known as one of the most important governors in Edirne's history. He built this important fountain in memory of his child, whom he lost at an early age. Haji Adil Bey Fountain, which was opened in 1904, stands in an important place in the depths of Edirne's history. Today, it can easily be shown among the best preserved fountains in the city. Being in the city center makes the visit of Haji Adil Bey Fountain even easier. A three-step staircase is located at the front of the fountain. The fountain is placed on the plinth located in this area. Haji Adil Bey Fountain is approximately 5 and a half meters above the ground. The mass on which the fountain sits is square in shape. All facades are equal in the maintenance of facade composition. The fountain offers traces of Baroque style with general lines. The project is drawn by Sadrettin Bey, the director of pious foundations at that time. It is said that a couplet from the poet Alaeddin was found on the walls of the fountain, although it was destroyed after the Greek occupation. In the construction process of the fountain, aside from the personal initiatives of Haji Adil Bey, some financial support also plays a role. Haji Adil served as governor for two consecutive terms. Among the people, this historical fountain is sometimes referred as the ‘Meriç Fountain’. Haji Adil Bey Fountain was included in a comprehensive restoration process in 2000. The fountain at the beginning of the Elm(Karaağaç) Road is actually pretty close with Meriç River. The pointed arched facades on the west and east sides are decorated with rumi patterns. The remaining facades are plain. There are also inscriptions in four parts of the fountain. In the upper area, an eaves made of wood draws attention. As of today, the property rights of Haji Adil Bey Fountain, one of the most beautiful square fountains in the city, are hold by Edirne Regional Directorate of foundations. The sphere of the fountain is surrounded by large trees.

Haji Adil Bey FountainHaji Adil Bey FountainHaji Adil Bey FountainHaji Adil Bey Fountain



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