Ghazi Mihal (Hamidiye) Bridge

Ghazi Mihal (Hamidiye) Bridge

Ghazi Mihal (Hamidiye) Bridge

Ghazi Mihal Bridge,which is also known as Hamidiye Bridge, is one of the most important bridges in Edirne. The bridge is over the Tunca River in the western part of the city. It is therefore also quite close to the road to Bulgaria. The Ghazi Mihal Bridge was built in the time of the Byzantine Emperor Palailogos. Although it is known to be established in the 13th century, it does not have an exact date. Despite this, it is estimated that the bridge was built in the early 1260s. The first serious restoration of the bridge took place in 1402. Gazi Mihal Bey played an important role in these restoration processes at that time. It is therefore referred to his name today. The hammam being opposite side of Şahmelek Mosque facing the city is also known today as Gazi Mihal, but this hammam is now in ruins. Ghazi Mihal Bridge has a total length of 125 meters and a width of five and a half meters. The most interesting feature of this bridge is that it is the oldest bridge in Edirne. Edirne is a city that stands out with its bridges as well as mosques and caravanserais. Although there are many historical bridges in the city, this is the largest bridge in Gazi Mihal, which cause an increase in tourist interest. The second major repair process related to Ghazi Mihal Bridge corresponds to the 1640. In this process, Kemankeş Kara Mustafa Pasha comes to the forefront. It is of great importance especially in terms of having the inscription pavilion repaired.The bridge also has a dilute drainage system. When you come to Edirne, you can easily visit Ghazi Mihal Bridge every day of the week. There are no restrictions on visiting. Thanks to public transportation from the center, you can easily reach the area on Kapıkule Road.

Ghazi Mihal (Hamidiye) BridgeGhazi Mihal (Hamidiye) BridgeGhazi Mihal (Hamidiye) BridgeGhazi Mihal (Hamidiye) Bridge



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