Erikli Beach

Erikli Beach

Erikli Beach

Between Erikli Beach and the village of Erikli in the Keşan District of Edirne, there is only a distance of 2.5 kilometers. The famous Erikli Beach in the shadow of Saros Bay plays an important role in the promotion of the region. Erikli Beach, which is also a Blue Flag beach, manages to be the center of attention of local and foreign tourists. This is an economic holiday zone for Edirne residents who do not have the opportunity to holiday outside the city in the summer. Located on the coastline of the Aegean Sea, this private beach stands out with its clear sea and beautiful sandy beach. The first activity related to Erikli Beach began in the 1960s. The area that tent campers began to explore at the time turned into an attractive resort town. The Erikli Beach is often referred to as the ‘Trakya’s Bodrum’. The beach stands out as one of the largest beaches in Turkey. Because there is a 260 km driving distance between Erikli Beach and Istanbul, the beach also welcomes those who come from this city especially on weekends. Besides this, people from other cities such as Tekirdağ and Kırklareli are also interested in the beach. For the people of the region, it is not easy to find such a clean and clear beach in Thrace. It is very far from the crowded atmosphere on the beaches of Istanbul. Many accommodation options are available around this peaceful beach. At the same time, those who come to the beach get the chance to meet a lot of water sports. The beach takes its name from the town which it is connected. You can also enjoy this lovely town when you take a break from the sea. The Gulf of Saros, which is particularly self-cleaning, is a place worth examining. This place is likened to an aquarium with its vitality. In the meantime, there are still suitable campsites around the beach today.

Erikli BeachErikli BeachErikli BeachErikli Beach


  • irembozz
    29.06.2022 07:08

    Denizi çok güzel sahili kum kamp yapanlarında olduğu harika bir yer :)

  • emeeleren
    28.08.2022 11:45

    Her yaz düzenli olarak gittiğim bir yer; Erikli sahili :)

  • slnkocx
    18.07.2022 11:12

    Edirne'de denize girmek için gidilecek suyu temiz, güzel kumsala sahip huzurlu bir plaj.


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