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Deveci Inn (Former Prison)

Deveci Inn (Former Prison)

Deveci Inn, one of the most important Inns of Edirne, is also an old prison. In some sources, this place may also be called Fatih Mehmet Pasha Inn. As of the location, it is very close to Takyeciler Mosque and Yağıbaşan Madrasa. This offers a significant advantage for people planning a tourist trip in the city. Interestingly, the inn does not have any inscriptions. The niches on either side of the entrance gates of Deveci Inn draw attention. When the muqarnas above these niches are examined, it is estimated that the inn was built during the Çelebi Mehmet period. This corresponds to between 1413 and 1421. Although there is little possibility, some historians believe that the Inn may have been built during the reign of II.Murat. At least the inn is a work dating back to the 15th century. The Inn, which belongs to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation today, has managed to reach the present day to a large extent. Deveci Inn has two floors in total. I locate the entrance gate in the middle of the north facade. Just in front of this door there is a special area covered by a dome. Muqarnas decorations are seen on the right and left side of the field. There are 10 shops in the eastern part of the gate and five shops in the western part. The courtyard can be crossed by means of a platform with the upper side covered by a vault. There are 27 rooms in the lower section and 28 rooms in the upper floor. A separate closet niche and furnace draw attention in each of the rooms. The Han is considered a bustling region at any time because it is located on the historical Silk Road. It is possible to visit Deveci Inn every day of the week between 08:00 in the morning and 17:00 in the evening and it is free of charge. It is very easy to reach the inn due to its location within the city centre. Thanks to the buses departing from the bazaar, you can reach Deveci Inn in a short time.

Deveci Inn (Former Prison)Deveci Inn (Former Prison)Deveci Inn (Former Prison)Deveci Inn (Former Prison)



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